I can’t share what recently happened yet, but I can share with you this.

The other day, I put out this tweet:

First, forgive me – I thought I would be able to share the news with all of you today, but alas, the news needs to stay under wraps in order for me and the person I’m working with figure some things out and prepare for what is to come. Some might say I shouldn’t have said anything if I couldn’t immediately share – well, that wasn’t anyone’s decision but my own – so there’s that. And I take full responsibility.

Second, some asked if we were moving. Look friends, moving away from Bellville was not my “dream since college” – frankly, I didn’t know Bellville even existed. I didn’t know a lot of things when I was in college (and I’m being overly kind to myself here). We’ve always maintained that we would not be in Bellville ONE DAY longer than the Lord would allow, and we would not leave ONE DAY sooner than the Lord would permit. And you wouldn’t want that for us either way. Besides, God’s timing is not always our timing – so we walk in trust in His plan over ours every step of the way.

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