CSI and Genesis

I love my Mother-in-Law (no, I’m not lying to you). One of her favorite shows is CSI – I mean, her DVR is filled up with episode after episode. As with every TV crime show, they are really all the same (please don’t tell my mother-in-law).

Here’s the plot: A crime happens; they gather evidence and make assumption; there is suspense as the investigation comes to a standstill; then every single time, the investigators figure out something that changes their thinking – a truth that was hidden, is now revealed. All of this in a span of about 42 minutes. Part of the appeal to these shows is the suspense of knowing there is an answer to the crime the entire time, and watching the actors/actresses eventually discover that evidence. Often, we, the viewers are the ones who feel blind and deaf to the evidence that is screaming to be noticed.

Then they, and sometimes we, discover the important fact that changes the course of the show. This is how I see the opening chapters of Genesis. God makes Himself known to us through the evidence of His being and the clues of His character that are sown into nature. Realizing these truths allow the depths of our hearts to rejoice in new and unimaginable ways.

See, the creation of the world reveals the power and authority of God. We can agree-to-disagree HOW God made the world, but that was never the point of the opening chapters of Genesis. The point is that God is the One who made everything. And this truth reveals that He is sovereign, transcendent, and has chosen to personally reveal Himself to us. This is indeed, good news.