Link Love 6/1/15

A few links I found helpful. I’m trying to wrap up my dissertation for my doctorate, which is why the blog has been sporadic. I hope to do more Link Love’s once that is over…. Lord

Why ’80s Babies Are Different Than Other Millennials: So… I’m in my mid 30’s and I’m a studier of different generations within our country. There’s a lot of information about these types of things, but this one struck a nerve (a good one) for me… simply because I kept nodding my head up and down in agreement! I’ll never forget logging into my first “chat room” via my High School friends; AOL chat with my college friends; and graduating without the hassle of Facebook or other social medias. We were the generation who played outside, and complain that others in our generation don’t, while we stare at our own media devices now.

But if I Preach Christ in Every Text …: I’ve preached this several different times, but in every sermon, Jesus is bound to come up – or (in my opinion), it’s not biblical preaching. Here, David Prince shares some thoughts at objections to this idea.

Baseball and the State of the American Family: There is an interesting correlation between baseball and family structure. I was surprised at some of the findings, but after reading them, many of the conclusions made sense. Personally, I could turn on any baseball game and watch. The most startling fact: “…only 5 percent of college baseball players come from broken homes despite the fact that more than half of children growing up in the United States live in such homes.”

Here’s a great rendention done by Doxology, a musical group from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. You can even spot my good friend Elliot Lee!

“My Ransom” – Doxology from Southern Seminary on Vimeo.