Belief in Jesus is more than just belief in Jesus

In John 12, we see this moment where Jesus in some respects, describes his ministry to the world. In essence, to believe in Jesus is more than just belief in Jesus, it’s belief also in the One who sent him. It seems here that Jesus is pleading, once again, to the Jews who refused to believe in Jesus. They were “dedicated” to the Father, but not to Jesus. This is complicated when Jesus begins to tell them that when they see Jesus, they’re also seeing the Father!

So Jesus tells them, “Whoever believes in me, believes not in me but in him who sent me.” (John 12:44). Part of the point, is that when we believe in Jesus, we’re believing not only, not ultimately, in Jesus – but also in the Father. For it’s the Father who sent Jesus (see John 20:21), and Jesus set out to glorify the Father (see John 12 and 17).

Jesus is driving home the point that when you believe in Jesus, you don’t “just” believe in Jesus, but you believe in the Father too. That’s for your good! It teaches us a couple of things:

-Jesus and the Father are one, yet distinct.

-When you believe in Jesus, He gives you more than you could ever imagine.

Now, only those who are born of God (John 1:13), who receive Jesus (John 1:12), and who are led by the Spirit (Romans 8:14) have the right to have the Father and are called His children. So when you believe in Jesus, you are gaining a new Father! The Father who is strong and tender, full of wrath yet merciful, and a good giver.

This is what you receive when you believe in Jesus, you not just receive Jesus also the Father. This is good news!

Belief in Jesus isn’t belief only & ultimately in Jesus alone, but also the One who sent Him, the Father. (see Jn12:44) #reclaimthemorning