Jesus is

In John 11, Jesus’ emotions might be in a twist. Think about it (or read about it), but He’s just learned that his good buddy died, and naturally (or supernaturally) He was asked to come. He eventually does, and He’s welcomed by His friend Martha and she’s hotter than a bucket of boil from the fish fry.

On some levels, she rebukes Jesus (wonder if she regretted that later), and Jesus replies with an innocuous statement: “I am the resurrection and the life” (vs 25). Here, Jesus is stating his authority over life and death, but before we move to what else Jesus says, notice something about what Jesus says and doesn’t say.

He doesn’t say that he will bring about the resurrection or even cause the resurrection, undoubtedly those two things are true. He says “I AM…” 

You may be thinking, why does that even matter? Because Jesus is. He just is. By saying I Am, He’s pointing to the fact that He is not simply able to restore life by resurrecting people from the dead, but that He himself IS that resurrection and life.

Jesus is.

But then He turns to Martha and asks her if she believes this. The question implies the need for a person, any person for that matter, to put personal trust in/into Jesus. She affirms. The higher truth Jesus was teaching was that we will experience rest and union with Christ spiritually, even if we die physically… because Jesus is, and by believing, we come to life (spiritually) and therefore, will never die (spiritually).

When Jesus says; “Whoever believes in me.” He implies a personal trust in/into Christ. Result is rest & union. (Jn11:25) #reclaimthemorning