In us

“It’s my life.”

“You can’t tell me what to do.”

“Stop judging me.”

Ever heard/said these before? Even as I type these words, I feel like a teenager yelling at my parents in a home I did not pay for, eating food I did not buy, and lacking complete appreciation or perspective on life.*

Yet, as adults, we’ll often catch ourselves saying the same thing. It sounds just as foolish to those around us now as it did when we were teenagers. See, as Christians, our bodies are the temple for the Holy Spirit. I can’t explain that or to a large degree really understand it fully, but that’s what the Bible says and I Amen! it.

See, God’s Spirit dwells in us (see 1 Cor3:16 & 6:19). Stop and think about that, just for a second.

IN us.

In US.


That. Is. Astounding!

So what? This tells us something massively important. So often we’ll say “that’s none of your business” when someone inquires about something going on with another person (or yourself). To a degree, that’s correct, because we’re often meddling into areas that aren’t our concern and we’ve not earned the right to speak into. But.

As a Christian, you’re not your own. Jesus bought you (see Rom6:17-18). And that’s not a bad thing, that’s the most glorious news you could hear! The One who made it all, sought you out and wanted you. Then paid for you to make right the wrong we’d done!

The problem is that we often buy into the idea of isolation and autonomy of the self – that we’re our own. Once you buy into that lie, you’ve forgotten that Jesus paid for you. You’ve forgotten grace.

Therefore, we’re to exercise responsible stewardship with our bodies, unlike those in Corinth (whom Paul is writing to). They thought that what they did with their bodies was immaterial to their spiritual lives. Paul says otherwise. Your physical body is connected to the resurrected Christ – what you do with your body is what you’re doing to HIM. #ohmy.

The Holy Spirit is in us. We are His temple. Honor him with what He has given to you. For that is His grace towards us.

Christian, you’re not UR own. This life is a gift from the One who paid in full its ransom. (see 1Cor6:19-20; Rom6:17-18) #reclaimthemorning


*Sorry Pops and Mom!