What Jesus Gives

You know the passage well from John 10:10, The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. You’ve probably heard it used to tell you that Jesus gives you abundantly whatever is your current whim.

But he’s not.

He’s talking about something completely different. In this passage, Jesus has talked about being the good Shepherd, the one who looks after his sheep, the one who calls his sheep and they respond, and he leads the sheep – oh – and we’re the sheep. We’re not top of the food chain, we’re dinner. We’re dinner for the thief – he comes to take. The thief is a leech – he steals, kills, and destroys.

But Jesus doesn’t destroy.

Only Jesus creates life (see John 1)

Only Jesus gives life (see John 10)

Only Jesus sustains life (see Colossians 1)

This is why when Jesus says that he gives life and life more abundantly, he’s talking about purpose and meaning. Jesus is referring to sheep who had no purpose and he gives them purpose. He takes those who were wondering around aimlessly and gives them direction. You understand this when you see him as the Shepherd. Sheep often wander. Shepherds bring direction.

But how Jesus brings about life is astounding… He dies. He gives up His life for others.

We often think that we gain life by keeping our life. When we feel threatened or hurt, we bunker, hide, crawl into the corner, run. We go into self-preservation mode. But Jesus’ example is opposite, we gain life by the loss of his life.

My point is that Jesus gave us life. Not just that, but he gives us “abundant life” – that is a life full of purpose, meaning, significance. The question may be, what is one thing I can do to enjoy God and this purposeful, meaningful and significant life he gave, today?

When Jesus brings the abundant life, He’s bringing meaning and purpose. That begins here and now. (see Jn10:10) #reclaimthemorning