Link Love 10/24/14

Here are a few links I enjoyed this week!


The Mid-Degree Crisis and the Value of Work During Seminary – Phillip Bethancourt

After I graduated from Howard Payne University, I went to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. While in Seminary, I worked three jobs. In the morning, I was a trashman, in the evenings I worked for a church with jr. highers, and umpired baseball games on the weekends. I was pretty busy + school. But working shaped me. (Just like it is now!!) This article from Phillip caused me to remember the value of such work. He shares several reasons why there is value in working during seminary. It shaped a lot of my character. Click the link above to read the rest! He says,

“work during seminary can shape our theology of sanctification by shaping our character. While the classroom primarily shapes the mind, the workroom shapes the heart. Whether it’s changing the world or changing diapers, God often uses this season to shatter any sense of entitlement, making students more like Jesus. With the demanding work in most churches, this is a key lesson that will prevent students from allowing their giftings to take them where their character cannot keep them.”

Baptists put aside differences, unite for religious liberty in Houston

Houston, TX did what nobody else could do – caused Baptists to put aside their differences, uniting for religious liberty!

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist Joint Committee are often on different sides of church–state issues. The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and the Baptist General Convention of Texas represent two different strands of denominational life. These groups put aside their differences Thursday to stand together in asking Houston Mayor Annise Parker to stop the “improper and unwarranted” subpoena of pastors’ sermons.

New additions have Nowitzki, Mavericks thinking big – Fran Blinebury

Yes, I’m a Dallas Mavericks fan. Have been for a looooong time. (Yes, even the 90s). Dirk was interviewed about this coming season and said this:

“We got all the talent in the world,” he said. “We just got to make it work. The chemistry has got to be there. The top teams in the league are loaded and stacked. We have to work hard during the season and get the highest seed possible, and we’ll go from there.”

This may be the sweetest video of a the Oldest Minnesotan who just joined Facebook…and she had to lie about her age to do it: