Link Love 10/10/14

Here are a few links I found interesting this week. Enjoy!

Husbands, Hold Your Wife’s Hand – R. C Sproul JR

R. C. Sproul reflects on the one thing he regrets after losing his wife who died recently. After reading this, and wiping the sweat from my eyes, I’ve held my wife’s hand more this week than the previous.

That is likely my deepest regret, that I did not hold her hand more.

It’s not, of course, that I never held her hand. It is likely, however, that I didn’t as often as she would have liked. Holding her hand communicates to her in a simple yet profound way that we are connected. Taking her hand tells her, “I am grateful that we are one flesh.” Taking her hand tells me, “This is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.” It is a liturgy, an ordinary habit of remembrance to see more clearly the extraordinary reality of two being made one. It would have, even in the midst of a disagreement, or moments of struggle, communicated, “We’re going to go through this together. I will not let go.

It would have also reminded us both of that secret but happy truth we kept from each other, that hidden reality that is equal parts embarrassment and giddy joy: that we’re just kids. Bearing children, feeding mortgages, facing adult sized hardships never really changes what we are inside. Holding her hand was like skipping through the park. Holding her hand was winking at her, as if to say, “I know you’re just a kid too. Let’s be friends.”

On the other hand, holding her hand more would have communicated to us both my own calling to lead her, and our home. Hand holding is a way to say both, “You are safe with me” and “Follow me into the adventure.” It would have reminded me that there is no abdicating, no shirking, no flinching in the face of responsibility. And as I lead it would be a constant anchor, a reminder that I lead not for my sake, but for hers.”

4 Reasons to Thank God for “Small” Churches – Ronnie Floyd

Ronnie Floyd, the SBC President shares a little about what makes “small” churches unique, and btw, the majority of churches are “small” (less than 200 people). Below are two of his reasons, but click the link above and you can read the other two.

1. We were very committed to the Bible being the Word of God. 

Our pastors taught the Bible. Our people believed the Bible. I was raised carrying my Bible to church every time we met. We participated in the teaching and preaching of God’s Word by opening our Bibles and following as our pastors taught us the Word of God.

2. We believed in the local church of Jesus Christ.

At Faith Baptist Church, if you were a member, you came to church. You were involved in a Sunday School class. You were probably a part of Training Union. You were involved on Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night. If you were not there, you were missed and checked on. If you began to fall away, you were approached. Therefore, we had a strong commitment to the local church.

 Texas Love Triangle – Mark Stein

This story of how Chandler Parsons became a member of the Dallas Mavericks is interesting – to me at least. I’ve been a Mavs fan since I can remember, religiously watching throughout the 80s-90s, hardly missing a game. Parsons coming to the Mavs was big news. Mark Cuban, owner of the Mavericks reflects on his relationship with Daryl Morey, GM of the Rockets:

Says Cuban: “Is it competitive? Yes. Do I hate Daryl? No. I have a lot of respect for Daryl. Daryl’s not one to hate at all. That’s not his mode. He’s very, very logical. Daryl Morey is the Spock of the NBA. I didn’t originate that; someone else told me that. He’s the Spock of the NBA because he’s talking about logic all the time.”

Fans of trash talk needn’t worry, though. If recent history is any guide, as re-traced in depth below, things won’t stay conciliatory between the Mavs and Rockets for long.

Andy Mineo on BET

If you don’t listen to Christian Hip-Hop, then you might not know Andy Mineo. But he’s not exclusively only in Christian “markets” – he’s transitioned to mainstream with the gospel of hope in Jesus. Check out the video below to hear him share and unforgettable verse in the public square.