Link Love 10/3/14

Here’s a few articles I think are great for you to check out!

Why I’m Encouraged about the Future of the SBC – Jason Allen

Everyone tends to freak out about statistics, and certainly the decline of the Southern Baptist Convention has taken place – just like every evangelical denomination (exempt for one). But Allen sees this as not discouragement, rather as a cause for the SBC to return to where she used to be. He says:

In the years to come, we may become smaller in number, but more robust in witness. We can have a future—and a healthy one—as a denomination that is smaller by certain metrics but more biblical, evangelistic, and fervent.

Let’s not grow discouraged because of a downward line on a graph. Christianity is more than a statistic. What God does in his church, and in the hearts of men, often surpasses our ability to quantify, especially by the world’s standards. Lets pray, witness, seek the Lord, and thank him for the many signs of grace we still see on his people, Southern Baptists.

We’re Story Addicts: Mike Cosper on TV, Movies, and the Hearts that Love Them – Matt Smethurst

Discussing what you watch on TV is often debated. Why are we attracted to certain shows? In part, because we love stories and how they are told.

The average American watches five hours of TV—every day.

We collectively spend about $30 billion on movies—every year.

The truth is inescapable: we are story-addicted creatures. No wonder Redbox and Netflix aren’t hurting for business. Like it or not, TV and films are ubiquitous in their reach and powerful in their ability to shape—and echo—our deepest desires. In his new book, The Stories We Tell: How TV and Movies Long for and Echo the Truth, Mike Cosper explores the connection between the stories we tell and the one great Story, helping us to better grasp the longings of the human heart and to thoughtfully engage with the films and shows that capture our imaginations.

Bryce Petty talks hurdles, Texas ‘trash’ talk, schedule critics – David Ubben

I think article was interesting, really to this question and then answer from Bryce. It was about how and why he decided to come to Baylor. Notice below that Petty chose Baylor no by what Coach Briles said alone, but the way he said it. What was it? Conviction.

Back when you chose to come to Baylor, Art sold you on his vision. Why did you believe it?

Petty: It was just the way he said it. There’s certain people that, when they talk and they way they say it and look at you, there’s such conviction in what they’re saying. And he has that conviction. He has a charisma about him that was just like, man, this guy’s serious. He’s for real. And he’s got such an attitude about him to prove everybody wrong. He’s always got a chip on his shoulder and that kind of thing is contagious.

When you’ve got somebody who wants to work hard all the time and is always pressing to be the best and wants to be the best, that kind of thing is contagious. So as a competitor and a person, I feel like my attitude and the way I think is kind of the same thing, so it just kind of clicked for both of us.

“Jeopardy” in Reverse: