Sometimes, ordinary is amazing

We live in a world that longs for the amazing. I mean, it’s not just “Spider-Man” – it’s “The Amazing Spider-Man.”* When we attend sporting events and our favorite team wins, we describe it as “epic!” Which is fine, but even when things are done well, or are good, was it really “epic?” Was it really amazing? What does amazing actually mean?

Maybe I’m a bag of sour grapes, but it just seems to me that everyone is wanting everything to be “amazing.” For a time (I’m not sure if the campaign has ended) but the NBA promoted a commercial with the statement “Where Amazing Happens.” You can watch the video HERE. But not everything is amazing, is it?

Going to the grocery store – not amazing
Walking the dog – not amazing
Changing the diaper – not amazing**

I just get this sense that we want everything to be extra-ordinary, fantastical, amazing, and blow-your-mind wonderful, otherwise, we’re bored by it. But if everything is amazing, then well, nothing is amazing, right? This creeps into the Sunday morning corporate worship. I’ve been in environments where the attempt was made to “make every Sunday extravagant.” I mean, from illustrations that took up the entire stage, to set-designs meetings, to how the lighting will set the mood at a particular point in the service, to choreographed choir members in the audience so that it enhances the congregational singing. I mean, it’s crazy at what lengths many of us will go just to entertain people.

We need to stop promoting everything as amazing. Because sometimes, ordinary is amazing.

I think we live with this false sense that our lives are to be epic, otherwise their a complete failure. We post “amazing” instragram pictures, or update our statuses with creative events we’ve experienced, to “one-up” the previous person to prove that our lives have value and worth. We compare to the degree that we don’t simple celebrate the normal things in life. Thus, we don’t realize how wonderful our lives really are – we become ungrateful.

So pause and think for a moment about the ordinary things that are happening in your life. Don’t worry about posting it to social media – think about how ordinary it is. Being consistent, not giving up, not comparing or contrasting your life to someone else’s – but just being ordinary. Our culture is so fixated on “amazing” that we’ve forgotten what it means to be normal. And that is where the amazing happens – in the ordinary.

Be consistent. Be faithful. Be ordinary.


*as an aside, I’m pretty darn impressed with Spider-Man just being half man, half spider!
**except for that time that it seemed what was to be contained in the diaper encapsulated one of our daughters