You can make a difference, it doesn’t take much

I saw this news piece several months ago and filed it away on the ole blog but never posted it. It’s a story of a sweet 84-year-old lady, Tinney Davidson, who parks herself in her living room and waves at passing students walking to Highland Secondary School in Comox, British Columbia. It seems odd, but it seems to have had a profound impact on students. She waves, they smile, and it brightens both their day.

She’s been waving at these kids for the past 7 years and the students took initiative to share with her how much they appreciated what she’s done. Often, when we think about making a difference, we come to the false conclusion that it has to be “big” or “dramatic” or even “earth-altering.” It’s false thinking though – often the most profound impact and difference you can make in this world is to do something well over the long haul.

Eugene Peterson has a book with the title “A Long Road of Obedience in the Same Direction.” That’s it! To make a difference is to be faithful in the small things – to help others in the little things – and to do it over the course of time. You can make a difference, it doesn’t take much – it’s simply being obedient in the same direction.