What a lady said to me about Talitha that made my blood boil.

It was Tuesday mid-morning, we just had Talitha May the day before at 9:53PM. I was tired, and I simply wanted to grab the newborn pacifier, and white head bow for my newest little girl. I wasn’t looking for confrontation.

As I was at the checkout counter, the lady asked if there was a newborn in the mix, and of course, I said “Yes.” Her response wasn’t the typical you should say to new parents. You know what I’m talking about – when you see a newborn baby, I don’t care if the baby is ugly and already has all of their teeth, you say: So cute! or Adorable!  or She (or He) is precious! Those are the kinds of things you say to new parents.

Look, as a parent, I know my baby looks a little like a space monkey in the first few days, but hey – it’s my kid and how they look is a gamble. Thank goodness our girls take after their momma. Yet still, thanks to many of you for being kind about how cute my baby is. We’re thankful, even if you feel obligated to say so.

But here is what the lady at the store said that made my blood boil:

“You wanted a boy, didn’t you.”

Excuse me? As if having a girl is less of a thing. Little girls are just as valuable as little boys. Sure, I want brave, strong girls, who fiercely love God and His mission. Maybe I shouldn’t be so on edge about it, but in having all girls, I haven’t had “less of a human” or “less of a man” – I’ve received a little person made in the image of God whom God has entrusted me with for the glory of His name and for our joy. Why would anyone be sad about that?

The same goes if Talitha, or Adele or Ruth for that matter, had not been healthy. We would love and care and value that child because God had given them to us. No other reason. Every child is a gift, and a blessing. So to accuse us of wanting a boy, I don’t get it. As if our family wasn’t complete without more testosterone in the home. Sure, I’m married to one woman, and now have three girls in our home. And sure, even the dog is neutered. Yes, I’m all alone – but I’m full of thankfulness God called me to raise up three little girls.

I would say it’s a tall task. If you’ve got a family of three boys, you’ve got similar challenges. My goal is to raise these girls in a home where we treasure the Treasure. Where Jesus is worshipped. Where they understand the value of hard work, respect, generous love, and a love for Jesus. Being a female doesn’t make them any less valuable, and for anyone to think that simply doesn’t know me or my family.

One last thing. There are two things I pray for my girls every night – that they would come to faith in Jesus in a personal and saving way, and two, they would marry men who love Jesus above everything else. So as a Dad, I want my girls to see what  Godly man is supposed to be like, and my hope is that they marry one.

So, what did you say to the lady?

I calmly told her that by God’s grace, I had been granted the opportunity to love on another little girl whom my hope, expectation, and prayer is that they would know Jesus. I told her that I wanted my girls to love Jesus like there momma and daddy love Jesus so that they might marry men who love Jesus so that their kids would love Jesus.  She looked at me and responded, “I never thought of it that way.”