The Besetting Sin of Pastors

Yes. To all of this.

I think the besetting sin of pastors, maybe especially evangelical pastors is impatience. We have a goal. We have a mission. We’re going to save the world. We’re going to evangelize everybody, and we’re going to do all this good stuff and fill our churches. This is wonderful. All the goals are right. But this is slow, slow work, this soul work, . . . and we get impatient and start taking shortcuts.

-Eugene Peterson, from Spirituality for All the Wrong Reasons

Impatience doesn’t plague just Pastors, but young people in ministry. So, understand that ministry takes time. There is no microwaving church health, it must be cultivated. This, obviously, is not something I’ve fully learned, but am learning.

  • k_m_carlson

    I love the notion that you can’t microwave church health, but instead must cultivate it. Well said, Mr. Criner.

    • michaelcriner

      Thanks Kyle. Means a lot!