Link Love 1/13/2014

Kevin DeYoung shares several thoughts about writing books. I obviously haven’t written a book, but I do write on a blog, but he had a number of great thoughts to consider when writing. One was this: Writing for others is a privilege. That someone should listen to me is pretty nice. That someone would take days or weeks to work through something I’ve written is remarkable. That someone would pay money to do so is amazing. Writing is hard work, but authors should never forget that to be read is also a tremendous gift.

We love the Jesus Storybook Bible, and so do our children. It was great to hear that it has recently sold over 1,000,000 books! In the article, she shares what an editor once said about writing children’s books: One of her editors told her once that there are two types of children’s books authors: the ones who are around children, and the ones who are children inside.

At what point does our cultural engagement become just a sophisticated way of being worldly? This is an issue Trevin Wax addresses in his article on Evangelicals Hollywood and Muck. His issue is that often, in an effort to “contextualize” we are simply making a nice excuse to be take pleasure in that which is not.

My friend Jacob Furr is writing a new album, and is requesting your help. You can help him HERE – but you should read his story HERE.

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