Link Love 1/6/2014

Here are some links I found significant for you to read over the next week. I’ll be linking to them throughout the week, but I’ve been trying to give more context to the articles I’m reading. Often, I link to something but it doesn’t have any context tied to it. I don’t think that as helpful. Here, I hope to provide a series of articles for you to read and will link to one, one a day.

Mobility, Privacy, & Pornography – Here is the statistic you and I need to think about: 52% of pornography consumed in the United States this year was consumed on mobile devices; a further 10% was consumed on tablets. This means that almost two thirds of pornography is now being viewed on devices other than desktop computers. That device you just gave your kid for Christmas is a porn-making machine.

A Productivity Gap – “The instinct to produce great work doesn’t require a fancy notebook.” What you actually need is simply to get work done. So go do it.

Jon Acuff had a conversation with his wife where she says: “Social media is our generation’s alchemy.” She implies that people want to take a shortcut to success via social media. Jon, though, advises we should “stop looking for shortcuts. . . [and] work hard instead.” This makes me think of viral videos as well…

CrossCON was a conference where a couple thousand students came together for the sake of unreached peoples around the world. Here are some of the best quotes from the conference. A couple of my favorite were:

“Comfort is the god of our generation, so suffering is seen as a problem to be solved, and not a providence from God.” – Matt Chandler
Are you a champion of Christ on Twitter, but not in your neighborhood?” – Michael Oh
“Saved people this side of heaven owe the gospel to lost people this side of hell.” – David Platt
“You don’t need to see the fruit of your life for there to be real, lasting, exponential fruit.” – John Piper

Darrin Partick offers this brief video intro to his new book The Dude’s Guide to Manhood. While I haven’t read this, you can pick it up at a variety of bookstores or the ole’ internet. Here’s a brief video I found compelling.