Link Love Recap 10/19/2013

I’m a couple of weeks behind, but that’s because I was working on my biggest failure in my first year as a Senior Pastor. But, below, you will find the links I highlighted. Enjoy!


Saw this passed around the web couple of weeks ago. I still laugh | Accidental Worship Heresy

Loved this from @bradlomenick | 12 characteristics of “All In” Leaders


Good advice (ht: @bynickdean) | This Is Why No One Follows You on Twitter

Jesus-loving people shining light in the dark. A must read from @JCourt | Reversing Hate With Preemptive Love

Ummmm…. you should buy this pronto from my friend @jcourt | Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart at a Time


Helpful thoughts from @clawlessjr | 9 Ways for Church Leaders to Pray More

Interesting history of Southern & B. H. Carroll | The Worst Decision B. H. Carroll Never Made |


If you’re looking for a great study Bible on the kindle, check out the HCSB! It’s $2.99!!


Moving story of redemption from @NaomisVillage | What Didn’t Burn


Oh! To be a faithful star! via @TrevinWax | Jim Elliot’s Brother, Bert: The Hero You Don’t Know


I found this from @joshhedger helpful for my *older* church | Theological Difficulties of Pastoring a Young Church


Encouraged by this word from @mikeleake | The Best Way to Improve Your Preaching – Borrowed Light


You should read this from @JonathanMerritt as he interviews @JCourt | American Christian in Iraq works to save lives


Read about my biggest failure after my first year of leading @FBCBellville [my blog]


Here’s how you can help your pastor not burnout from @ThomRainer | Seven Responses to Prevent Pastor Burnout