Link Love Recap 8/31/2013

It’s been a while since I’ve even taken a moment to do one of these – mostly because I’ve not had a lot of time to read and pass on what I’ve been reading on the ole interwebs.


Something to consider | Why traditional churches should stick with traditional worship


We weep with those who weep. Lifting you up Jacob Furr, my friend:

[my blog] What I’d like to be: Ordinarily obedient over the long-haul.


[my blog] “Jesus who died on the cross for your sins two thousand years ago is with you right now.” @TonyCampolo


Big fan of @DuckDynastyAE. Here’s a great article from @Grantland33 | All It’s Quacked Up to Be

“UR not in a gospel-saturated environment like you think UR b/c UR in Christian Scriptures at BU.” (cc: @C_Boggus


So true, so true | from @ThisIsSethsBlog All good ideas are terrible

“Your view of the character of God impacts your response to suffering.” Listen @FBCBellville


Good stuff from @RealEricGeiger | Don’t be content leading an Airplane Church


In other news, I’m now the Team Chaplain for the High School football team – that’s pretty cool. Making inroads for the sake of the Kingdom here in Bellville! Really thankful for this place God has planted us!