How long are you going to be here? Pt. 2

Last week, I shared a little about what is going on in the Criner world. So here is part 2 of how we’re answering the question we receive often.

I would be lying to you if I didn’t share with you that I’ve had a couple (2) phone calls about the possibility of leaving my current job to go some place else and serve Jesus. Granted they were great opportunities and would have taken us to bigger and well-oiled churches. I would have been on a team of staff that theologically and missionally I would have lined up with. But what fun is that?

Don’t worry – we said “No thank you.”

We’re just not interested in leaving the mission field to go to another mission field – we’re still learning this place! It’s nice to go and preach some place and have people affirm you and pat you on the back, and then offer you an opportunity. Especially when you’re not looking! It feels good – but it’s not really lasting. It’s one thing to be “awesome” over a weekend, but it’s completely different to be “awesome” over the long-haul with a group of people. That’s what I’d like to be: Ordinarily obedient over the long-haul.

I think an inherit danger among some young ministers is the desire to keep looking for greener grass – but the grass isn’t always greener, sometimes it’s just different. We’ve been planted here – and God has given us some clear things that must be accomplished (or at least attempted) before we will be released…. and those things he gave me will take time to mature. Lots of time.

I think often we fail to make an impact where we’re at because we’re not there long enough to make an impact. I mean – how can you honestly make friends and build community if you’re looking over your shoulder or ahead in your binoculars for the bigger and better opportunity? It’s insane. It’ll drive you crazy. Seriously. Crazy.

Oh – and just so we’re clear – we’ve accomplished nothing really yet. We’re really on the front end, not the back end of possibility in this city. So we’re planted in Bellville, and that’s totally not a bad thing. God is faithful and we will do our best to be faithful to him. We’re thankful he gives us a chance to shepherd a flock for his glory and our good. And we plan on being here forever, as God gives provision for it.

Besides, that’s the whole point in the two more famous words of Jesus, Follow Me. (Mark 1:17).