The Case for Man/Woman Marriage #VIDEO

I’ve often had conversations with people in my congregation about how we might defend traditional marriage. I often bring to remembrance the reality that pro-creation is a great defense, but I then encourage them to think of creative ways we might be able to spur the conversation on about the “debate.” Although, I want to be careful to remind us that there really isn’t a debate happening, rather intimidation against what man has agreed upon for well, the majority of time.

Now, I understand there may be some pushback in even that stance, as I’ve heard before, “should we not progress in our thinking about things?” Yes, of course, there are things we as a nation and as a people that we thought were good ideas, but were blatantly inhumane! Take, slavery. Bad idea. But marriage is different, only by the joining male and female are we able to create more humans. That’s insane! There’s a reason for that, marriage is differnt. So to redefine marriage to two men or two women is actually to go against biology and science, and well, God’s design.

But, arguing won’t solve anything here at this ole blog, we have to come up with creative ways to allow people to think about what they think when they think about marriage. Here is a helpful article to read, otherwise, watch this video below!