How to see the heart for what it is

Tim Challies offered these thoughts as he was thinking about his heart.

Too often I don’t know why I do what I do, at least not all the way to the roots. I see the desire to glorify God but when I dig deeper, I see the desire to glorify self down there as well. Or sometimes the desire to be known or noticed or appreciated is there at the surface but as I shovel down I see a genuine desire to please God as well. It’s a tricky, deceptive thing, the human heart. Exasperating at times.

The heart. It’s entirely deceptive isn’t it? I’ve noticed something about myself that frustrates me – my motives are often after the desire to be known by others, rather than be known by God.

I’m often sharing with people that we can become so consumed with what others see, but God sees much deeper… and he still loves us. I’m thankful I have a God who steadfastly loves me with a fervent, always patient, never forceful love.

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