Link Love Recap 6/14/2013

I missed last weeks summary of links, but I’m not sure the crowd (you) were aware. But that’s okay! I’ll combine what I’ve linked to (and blogged) since 5/31/2013.


[my blog] Cardinals & Marriage – HERE

“No thought attacks the root of our pride like realizing that God himself had to pay for our rebellion against him.” @bkauflin#grace

How to Pray Evangelistically from @clawlessjr |

[my blog] Star Spangled Banner Cymbal Fail – HERE


[my blog] Some Pictures of a Disaster Relief Team from Moore, OK – HERE


[my blog] How @JohnPiper tired to lead Bethlehem Baptist Church to treasure the Treasure – HERE

Moving piece from @drmoore | Missed My Son’s Birthday

Some good reasons why Social Media use is imp for Pastors from The Vision Room

Healthy reminders from @BaptistPress – 10 reasons to be involved in a church |


[my blog] A Post for D-Day – HERE

Helpful explanation and reflection from @plattdavid | “Radical” Three Years Later

Good word from @thomrainer | Seven Things Pastors Would Like Church Members to Know about Their Children


[my blog] Nobody said it would be easy – HERE


[my blog] Why we must challenge consumerism in the church – HERE


You should read the book, but this is helpful too | Multiple Services and Franchising McChurch | Thomas White

I found this accurate. So if UR thinking of leaving (we’re NOT!) read this | Jennifer Faulk: Pastor Search Process

My understanding of the 90s might never be the same – M. Night Shyamalan wrote “She’€™s All That”€ | The Daily Beast