Nobody said it would be easy

Nobody said it would be easy. Nobody. Entering into the Doctoral program at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has been one of the more challenging things I’ve done in my life. In fact, many of my mentors said it would be the most difficult thing I ever attempted. People told me this would require untold hours of reading, writing, and even endurance. These of course, were things one can fully expect – but until experienced, you simply do not know how you’ll respond.

I remember talking to a friend who is working on his Ph.D (something I remind you I am NOT doing – currently) – is that anyone is capable of doing doctoral work, it simply requires discipline. 

Yep – there it is – the dreaded word, discipline.

I don’t want this to sound like a broken record, but that discipline required for this DMin is currently being tested. I believe, as the dissertation process begins, the testing of ones call to complete the doctorate materializes. This is why many people never actually graduate from, or obtain their doctorate – they call people like this “ABD” – All But Dissertation.

I want to avoid that. So, I’m pushing myself – like a sprinter does on that last 10 yards; like a musician does on that last run through the music; like a preacher does on fine-tuning his illustrations (or should at least).

My whole point in this is I think this stage of the doctorate has been more challenging because of what is at stake. If when I miss a personal deadline, it involves missing out on things with the kids, or getting to stay up later and wake earlier to complete my work. I don’t like extra work – I need LESS work. And so do you.

So whatever you’ve got on your plate, keep pressing on, keep fighting. Whatever you do – don’t quit. When you push through in the difficult moments, you will know you’re being made into the leader God has designed you to be. Nobody said it would be easy, but if it were easy, you wouldn’t grow from it.