A Post for D-Day


Last night, I had a gentleman approach me concerning a few things – mainly how people are feeling, doing, struggling, etc. We chatted for a few minutes and then he ended our conversation with this: “I know you’re young (i.e. not alive when this happened), but please don’t forget tomorrow.”

I paused and took a second and thought of how I might be able to communicate appreciation to the men who sacrificed their lives on what June 6, 1944 is – D-Day. Words fail me. When I think of D-Day, I think of photos similar to the one above. Men, about to enter a Hell-on-earth. I can’t imagine that moment… really can’t. I don’t even think the movie Saving Private Ryan communicates how terrible it really was.

So, take some time and thank God for a country that understands sacrifice like the sacrifice of Jesus. No, we’re not a perfect nation, or the new Israel, but this is our home, and this is where God planted us. We have freedoms that other countries that I have visited do not have. I’m thankful for our freedoms, but also recognize the imperfection of the Western church and the laziness induced by such freedoms.

But if you see an elderly man today, and he served in the war, tell them thank you for your sacrifice – I think that will mean more than anything in the world to them.