Link Love Recap 5/24/2013

Here’s the collection of links from this past week! Enjoy.


[my blog] Three Words I Heard at Catalyst Dallas – HERE

A beautiful reflection from a former @FWCM student | hoo-rah kids

GREAT thoughts for all those graduating from @bradlomenick | 6 Key lessons I learned in my 20′s

A great writeup of the show The Office from @andygreenwald of Grantland |


How to handle criticism from @timkellernyc | Blog – Redeemer City to City

Quotes on preaching via @trevinwax via Calvin Miller | The Preacher is Not an Answer Man, but a God-lover


[my blog] The Bible Invades Disciples of Jesus – HERE

Love this from @edstetzer | Missing the Mission: Looking for the Right Results While Loving the Wrong Things

Pretty good overview of the difference btw Reading paper vs reading screens | Digital Librarian Initiative


This is ASTONISHING | Before-and-after photos of the tornado’s devastation in Oklahoma [14 pictures] (almost 200 of you clicked this one – still praying for those affected)

Great photos & reflection from @chelsandjr of our lunch with friends

This surprised me |  94% Of Teenagers Use Facebook, Have 425 Facebook Friends, but twitter/instagram increasing  |


If you were a fan of Saved by the Bell, do yourself a favor & read Rembert explain the Graduation Finale @Grantland |

Did you have a favorite link?