Three Words I heard at Catalyst Dallas


The past two years at Catalyst Dallas (it may extend to more, but I’ve only been the past two), on the Thursday night of the event, is a special worship / challenge. Last year it was brought by Matt Chandler, and this year Louie Giglio. During this evening worship, Louie spoke and I found it significant for this reason alone – he gave us space to listen to the Holy Spirit. I needed that.

Louie spoke about how we often, as leaders, try to work our way up towards Jesus yet the model of Jesus was him working himself downward towards those he loves. The point is that gospel is not news that makes you better, rather it is news that makes you alive! I could go on and on, but I need to get why I began this post in the first place, the three words I heard at Catalyst.

At the end of Louie’s talk, he asked a critical question: “What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?”

Here was the conversation I had with the Holy Spirit that night:

ME: “Well, what do you want for me to hear?”
SPIRIT: “I have this.”
ME: “What does that mean?”
SPIRIT: “I have this.”
ME: “But I don’t understand what that means?”
SPIRIT: “I have this.”
ME:” So you have this? I don’t have to try? I don’t have to grow this church? It’s not up to me?”
SPIRIT: “I have this.”
ME: “okay. You have this.”

This is my understanding – By God’s grace, my success won’t be based upon my effort, or the growth of my church, rather, God’s work in me. He has this. He grows his church. He runs his church. He is the ruler of this ship. It’s actually quite freeing, really. Does that mean I do not work hard? Of course not! I work hard! But, now I can work hard leaving the results to him. I can’t control them anyway. Besides, he has this.