Catalyst Dallas – Day 2 – @JonAcuff summary from #CATALYST

This past week, I went to Catalyst with our staff from the church. It was a special time for us, and truly renewing. I highlighted some of the key points from the first day, you can read that here, but was unable to update as, well, I have a regular job and needed to prepare a couple of sermons.

This second day, there was a TON of content, so I think I’ll need to break it down from the morning sessions individually, and I might combine a few sessions depending on my notes. Unfortunately, weren’t able to stay on Friday, so there won’t be any updates from that. Yesterday I covered Andy Stanley, you can read that here.

+Jon Acuff: He shared how quickly life runs. For many of us, we will look at our lives and soon realize that there were things that we wanted to do but never got around to it. He summarized life into five “stages”:

1. Learning (20s)
2. Editing (30s)
3. Master (40s)
4. Harvest (50s)
5. Guiding (60s)

But these are not based on age alone, but on the choices you decide to make and when you decide to make them. He put it this way:

It’s no longer about when you born, but when you decided to live.

To Jon, the tools to change the world are at our hands, we just have to start using them. For instance, you ask a teenager/college student to make a difference and they’ll have a domain name, website, twitter handle, Facebook group, and started a kickstarter campaign raising all the necessary funds to achieve their goal. So what is stopping you from doing what God has put in you to do?

See, many of us want to have everything in line before we begin, but that never really is a reality. You will never have enough resources, or capital, or time, or knowledge. In fact, the word “enough” is a toxic word that keeps us from that thing burning in our hearts to accomplish. You are not able to control the finish line, but we can control the start.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

You don’t have to be ready because we have a ready God.
We want to be good right out of the gate. The definition of narcissism is believing you’ll be good right out of the gate.
God will never be handcuffed by your failures or unleashed by your successes.
You don’t steer a boat from the shore.

This was highly motivational and Jon offered great wisdom. In many ways it felt like a pep-rally to doing starting what God has burdened you with. There won’t be more time tomorrow – do today what you need to do to begin that thing. After the session, we received a free copy of his new book Start, as it is now a New York Times Best seller.