Link Love Recap 4/20/2013

I began an experiment starting several weeks ago. I’ve always struggled with how to share some of the insightful things I read during a week and day. Do you tweet it right then, or wait until later (which never happens)? So, I started linking to the articles/videos/posts that I found significant or worth your time from a variety of places on the inter-webs. As of now, I try to limit my Link Love to no more than three a day.

Albeit, at the end of the week, I’ll take all of those links and post them here for a “Weekly Link Recap” so that if you happened to miss one of the links, you can find them all at one place. This is something I believe I’d like to keep up, until someone tells me to be quiet!

Here is everything so far! Enjoy!


Great video of Brennan Manning

Happy Jackie Robinson day! Here are 42 Facts About Jackie Robinson from @Mental_Floss

This is GRAPHIC & TRAGIC. I wept throughout. #Gosnell // 3801 Lancaster


Is redemption possible in this terrible trial? / Kermit Gosnell and the Gospel by @drmoore

Good interview from @CrowderMusic //  Why Old Gospel Music Works in a Club | Christianity Today

A sweet post from @chelsandjr on their visit to Bellville // A Much-Needed Visit


Great questions to ask yourself // Are You Ready to be a Leader? | Ron Edmondson

A suggestion, & history of how you should read the Chronicles of Narnia from @TrevinWax |

Great advice for ministerial staff when you want to give up #ministry // Just Believe


Going to Pastor an Established Church? — @DashHouse shares some good reminders |

I share some of these lessons learned | 7 things I’ve learned from @JohnPiper by @PastorMark |

Powerful article // Why “Insiders” Are Killing Your Church by James Emery White –


SPOT ON –> Mother Jones’ shameful attack on the Christian adoption movement | by @jonathanmerritt

The difficult task of translating the word “woman” from Dr. Mounce |

See problems with your volunteers? Look in the mirror // Setting the Example for Your Team from @coltonharker