Link Love Recap 4/13/2013 #BLOG

I began an experiment starting several weeks ago. I’ve always struggled with how to share some of the insightful things I read during a week and day. Do you tweet it right then, or wait until later (which never happens)? So, I started linking to the articles/videos/posts that I found significant or worth your time from a variety of places on the inter-webs. As of now, I try to limit my Link Love to no more than three a day.

Albeit, at the end of the week, I’ll take all of those links and post them here for a “Weekly Link Recap” so that if you happened to miss one of the links, you can find them all at one place. This is something I believe I’d like to keep up, until someone tells me to be quiet!

Here is everything so far! Enjoy!


Good reminder on a Monday from @stephenaltrogge // A Step-By-Step Guide For Killing Your Church

MUST READ for Pastors from @TrevinWax // How Andy Stanley and Tim Keller Preach with Non-Believers in Mind

Agreed // Seven Things Pastors’ Wives Wish They Had Been Told Before They Became Pastors’ Wives from @ThomRainer


Are you a practicing universalist? // 8 questions to assess your evangelism from @DrMattQueen

My friend @wesfaulk shares what God did on Easter Sunday, something beyond his expectations /

Second song is out for my friends @fwcm – glad they’re doing this! // Free Music from FWCM Music | Ephesians EP


Born a Jew, then Born Again – cool story from @DavePasch @KINGMovement

This makes complete sense // If You Want to Communicate Better, Read This. – @Forbes

Interesting resource for High School students on how to study the Bible /


Every aspiring minister needs to read this from @chrisnye / The New Televangelists

POWERFUL –> “The Warrens will come forth like gold. The enemy will not win.” From @BethMooreLPM Sadness & Madness –

GUILTY –> @clawlessjr on Seven Mistakes in Public Speaking


This from @TrevinWax is SPOT ON / 8 Reasons for the Media Blackout on Kermit Gosnell #Gosnell

The death of a son is no time to hate / Rick Warren, critics, and the hope of God’s Son from @PastorMark

Why @_PPatterson_ & @EdStetzer are not traitors for listening/quoting other denominational voices /