Link Love Recap 4/6/2013 #BLOG

I began an experiment starting several weeks ago. I’ve always struggled with how to share some of the insightful things I read during a week and day. Do you tweet it right then, or wait until later (which never happens)? So, I started linking to the articles/videos/posts that I found significant or worth your time from a variety of places on the inter-webs. As of now, I try to limit my Link Love to no more than three a day.

Albeit, at the end of the week, I’ll take all of those links and post them here for a “Weekly Link Recap” so that if you happened to miss one of the links, you can find them all at one place. This is something I believe I’d like to keep up, until someone tells me to be quiet!

Here is everything so far! Enjoy!


Want to be great? It starts with you from @bradlomenick

Cool info-graph on The State of the Bible in 2013 | Everyday Theology

Pretty cool app for baseball #openingday // Race to the Pennant


This made me sad & angry #endabortion // There Are No Words from @trevinwax

Good advice for any Pastor in any context // White Church Planter in a Black Neighborhood

I’m really excited about how we might use this @FBCBellville // Knowing the Bible Series


They got the right guy. “Kingdom. Culture. Mission” @drmoore // An Interview with Russell Moore: by Justin Taylor

Great tribute to @johnpiper from @between2worlds // John Piper’s Farewell Sermon – Justin Taylor

A school board in NH cancels dodgeball. Shame on you NH… shame on you // CBS Boston


ANOTHER reason to not use Instagram from @jmyeats // Saying “No” in an Instagram World. – John M. Yeats

If you love Waco & Vitek’s, then join me in voting for the Gut Pak. One of my favorite places & things to eat!

Um, Uh, You Know, Anyway… you should read this if you speak in public from @thomrainer


Interesting article from @mcuban // At 25 Mark Cuban Learned Lessons About Leadership That Changed His Life @Forbes

Great thoughts from @donaldmiller on President Bush

I’ve heard an assortment of these things in every church I’ve served / How to interpret Christianese from @PastorMark

Hope you enjoyed the links! Did you have a favorite?