Ruth at One

Today is Ruthies first birthday. I told her it’s time she starts pulling her weight around here. 😉

In all reality, Ruth has added so much life and energy to our family. If Adele is social, Ruth is active. She always seems to be on the move, and when she smiles, she is “all in” and when she cries, well, she REALLY cries. If someone else is laughing, she is laughing. Ruth has so far held up to the meaning of her name, “devoted friend.”

As a Father, I’m really looking forward to talking with Ruth. It’s a blast to have conversations with Adele, but I am so looking forward to that as she grows older. I may regret that when she is a teenager… But I love watching their personalities come out and how we get to help shape their lives. It really is a privilege to do be a Daddy to this little girl.

Ruth, you’re sweet, active, and a joy. We love you very much Ruth and can not remember life without you.