Adele and I ride a train #PHOTO

While on vacation, Ruth became sick. She wouldn’t sleep, eat, and was coughing like a woman who smokes for a living. As her temperature increased, we decided to take her to an Urgent Care facility. Abigail graciously chose to stay with Ruth while I took some time with Adele.

What do you do with a two year old when her little sister is going to spend a few hours in the doctors office?

You ride a train of course!

I did a little digging about fun things to do with kids on a budget in New Braunfels, TX, and this park came up that had a train along with lots of play ground equipment… for her to run around on.

So, Adele and I spent the entire morning playing on the swings and riding the train. This became a sweet memory for us during our vacation. Adele has a special love for fire trucks and trains right now. Here are some photos for you to enjoy:


  • Pops

    These are the special memories that will keep you close to Adele forever.  Pops