A blog post that could potentially waste your day #BLOG

I came across this the other day and I smiled the entire time. What is it? Bearded Gospel Men. Between you and me, I really want to grow a beard like that… I just lack two things: patience and perseverance.

Here is a sampling from the site:




There goes the day.

  • Colby

    Way to rub it in! I just shaved off mine this morning in anticipation of Texas heat, and I already feel like it was a huge mistake. As far as time is concerned, it is pretty simple: don’t touch your face with an expensive razor blade that costs more than most of the things in the shopping cart (minus lady products, so expensive!).

    You will have a beard (and some extra ca$h) in no time!

  • William Minnie

    The last picture reminds me of John Nickell.