Three Robert Griffin III Heisman Moments [VIDEO]

I did not attend Baylor University, but my first college football game was a Baylor game when RA’s attended. Since I work with many students from the University, I’ve developed an affection for the school, specifically their sports teams. This past year, Robert Griffin III was selected as a Heisman candidate, which is kind-of a bid deal. This award is given to the most outstanding college athlete in the country.

I think and hope he wins – he’s quite deserving. Here you can check out a comparison between the candidates.

Here are three of my favorite plays from the year from RG3:

Unbelievable play.

This play against Oklahoma may have been the greatest Baylor win in the last 10 years. Seriously.

This involved Kendall Wright, but you have to add it to one of the most unbelievable plays of 2011.