Don’t buy this Album if…

… you don’t want to be forced to think and help the marginalized.

Brett Mills dropped an advance release into my hands of their new CD “Never Too Far” the other day. As of November 1st (yesterday), it was officially released. You can buy it on iTunes, but I’d suggest buying it straight from their site:

Brett gave me this advance release so that I could listen, then tell all of you about it… so you would be compelled to buy it for yourself. You should. You must. But don’t buy it if you’re looking for another tune to play mechanically in the background while you sip a latte, because these songs won’t allow you to do that.

This album is different. These songs tell a story… the story of Brett and Emily’s journey of love to, for and with the marginalized. The forgotten people who often find themselves left out and alone. The visually abused. The person who feels trapped in the adult entertainment business, that’s right – strippers. They are strategically caring for, loving, and helping these women who often can’t find any way out. You buying this album actually helps this organization… and you should.

So, don’t buy this album if you’re looking for more casual listening music. You can’t do that with this album as each note tells a story from along the way of JESUS SAID LOVE. You need this album in your library because it will cause, as it did in me, to rethink about those misplaced and marginalized by society. You cannot ignore the need any more.

Be blessed and bless them.

  • Well, considering the fact that I am tearing up just reading this post…yes. I will buy this, not to hear music but to listen to the message being delivered. Grateful for people like Brett and Emily. Praising Him for His faithfulness.

  • Thanks for pointing to this. I’m planning to pick up the album soon. Even though I hate the cover.

    But I thought I’d point out that your link to their site should be Your link sent me to a defunct wedding page.


    • Kyle,

      Totally understand on the cover art. Here’s what they said from their website:

      “On the cover art: This album is conceptual. We decided to follow suit with the cover. While the image is sure to invoke particular thoughts and even judgements, keep in mind that not everything is as though it appears. Is Brett a pimp and Emily a prostitute? Are they on a JSL outreach laboring to reach the unloved for the Great Lover? Don’t allow presumption to imprison you from experiencing the texture and beauty of people…ALL created in the image of God. We all, in reality, are never too far from being a sinner or saint. So, which is it on the cover? Sinner? Saint? Or both?”

      Also, thanks for the heads up on the link. Fixed.