Guilty of Brandwashing Adele

Martin Lindstrom writes a fascinating article in Fast Company about our routines and what buying habits. He performed a survey on babies under two by placing a Blackberry in their hand. Immediately, each one moved their fingers on the screen anticipating it to move like you might see an iPhone or iPad perform. Once it refused, they quickly set the phone down and moved on to more important things.

What does this reveal about us? Before Adele is two, she is already Apple Branded.

Martin continues by explaining what is deeper than just being branded; because of these new (and improved) technological advances, we are more apt to grow impatient with the new forms of technology. He describes that after a vacation, we used to wait several days to recount the memories of our trip by having all the pictures developed – but now, we take a photo, quickly look at it and discard it anticipating some other thrill we might have.

We never stop and reflect – because we are too impatient.

Where are you exercising impatience?
Have you taken time to stop and reflect on your day, your time your life?
Unless we develop this new routine, we may not become the people that God calls us to be. Holy.

  • Colby

    My friend’s young daughter, Lucy, will hold any small object to the side of her head and make mouth sounds into it.