The NFL Playbook & Memorizing Scripture

I was reading an article the other day about NFL players and their playbooks. If you’re not an NFL fan, that’s okay, this post will have some applicaiton to you.

You may think that football is a sport where players hit each other mindlessly while fighting over dead pig skin. But it’s a little more complicated than that. Here is an example of a play in a playbook that every NFL player is required to know.
Don’t worry really what is happening on this image, I’m just trying to give you an example of it’s complexities. Think this is complicated? Try multiplying it several times…

The playbooks typically used aren’t tiny either:
Many of them total up to 700 pages filled with plays, terms, and instructions. All in all, they’re not easy to read/understand. It’s odd though, because you don’t see players carrying around these HUGE books filled with plays… they just play.

In the article mentioned above, they describe each player and how players memorize plays. Each player memorized them differently. Some use word association, others are visually driven, while even others are able to connect concepts within each playbook and go from there. There’s also “that guy” who sees it and simply remembers it.

While reading the article, Trent Dilfer a former QB, shares how he went about memorizing his plays – especially if he was switching from one playbook to another due to a trade, or a new coach:

“Owning it to me goes from knowing it to understanding it to it becoming instinctive,”

This made a BIG connection in my mind to memorizing Scripture. Undoubtedly, I believe that memorizing Scripture is important. Why? Well, I don’t have my Bible with me all the time. I’m constantly talking to people and they need advice and to be able to quote Scripture to someone carries more impact than me just giving me wisdom. But as with anything, I fell overwhelmed memorizing Scripture. I don’t know enough of it. I have difficulty remembering it all.

How can we make the Bible stick in our minds?

Own it. When you own something, it’s yours. It belongs to you, and you find value in it. This is why I personally don’t like to rent couches – they’re not mine, and I feel like I’m going to ruin it if I spill my water on it. But when I own something, value is transferred to me… and I take more care of it.

My encouragement?
Own the Bible, but know that it already owns you.
Find passages of Scripture that are a source of joy and memorize those.

If you’re curious as to what mine are, leave a comment and I’ll reply!

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