The Jefferson Bible [IMAGES]

I recently came across a couple of photos displaying the “Jefferson Bible.” Jacqueline Trescott in a March 11, 2011 Washington Post article wrote this: “When Thomas Jefferson was 77, he went back to a project he had been thinking about for decades. Sitting in Monticello, using candlelight and a knife, he cut New Testament verses in four different languages from six books [two pictured below] to create his own bible.”

“Jefferson, saying he was selecting his own ‘morsels of morality,’ removed verses on any miracles, as well as the resurrection.”

In the end, Jefferson was able to construct a ‘bible’ that he could feel more comfortable with. Hell? It can’t be. The supernatural? Not even worth considering. God’s wrath against sin? Nope. Many of the very words of God were seen and regarded as leftovers and scraps.

If we’re honest, we do the same thing – picking and choosing what we will believe, blatantly omitting whatever we don’t prefer. Do you have a Bible of your own making? Basing it upon your own experience or preference rather than the truth of God? If we ignore any portion of God’s Word – whether unintentionally, conveniently, or deliberately – we too are guilty of Jefferson’s offense.