The Difficulty of Preaching

I’ve been invited to preach at our two main worship services this coming Sunday. It’s a great joy to be given the opportunity to preach at our church, and my rule of thumb is to never turn down an opportunity from my Pastor. As part of my prep, I came across this article from William H. Willimon titled, “Voice Lessons: Learning to Preach” and found it humbling and challenging.

He reflects on the movie The King’s Speech, which is about King George VI of England, a miserably shy, stammering man who is thrust unwillingly onto the world stage. Here’s a quote that stuck out to me:

As king, George was forced to read aloud other people’s words as if they were his own. We preachers speak not because we need to get something off our chests but because God wants to say something to God’s people.

Sometimes I’m invited to “just share what’s on your heart.” Alas, as an ordained spokesperson for the gospel, I’m not free to engage in such self-indulgence. Left to my own devices, I might say what I’m really thinking—but the church could care less about what I’m thinking. The pressing question: “Is there any word from the Lord?

Prayerfully, I might be used by God to deliver his message to His people.