If I lived in Oklahoma, I’d want this man to represent my family.

  • Alan


    I am glad that Rep. Lankford, by all appearances, is genuinely committed to this issue. I am also glad that he chose in specific terms on how the House might “choose life,” (e.g., end federal funding for abortions). I am concerned that those for whom many Christians vote solely on the basis that s/he is “pro-life” have no real plans to take any meaningful action to end abortion in this country.

    In the final analysis, I hope that the well-meaning Rep. Lankford does not leave Washington after a term or two disillusioned by the Republican congressional leadership.


  • Troy

    I met James Lankford a little over a year ago at Radical Engage in Grapvine. At that time, he had just announced his candidacy for the House. He was, at that time, just leaving as the executive director of Falls Creek Encampment in Oklahoma. He is a man who lives upon biblical principles. He is the future of our nation. I am thankful that James was obedient to, as he says, God’s call to stand for the people of his state. The people have spoken and sent this man to represent him. Thanks for sharing.