I was on KCEN-TV for about 1.5 seconds! [VIDEO]

“They” say you get 15 minutes of fame, and if that is all you get, then I’ve got 898.5 seconds left! At any rate, there were two fellas that thought it would be a good idea to rob some Cash Stores and then park their car near Baylor University. Well, it wasn’t a good plan. They were chased by the Waco Police, but they outran them. You can see a detailed analysis HERE.

That being said, Baylor has an alert system which informs students of threats because these two individuals had a gun. The question was posed to students about how well the news spread. My inclusion (for about 1.5 seconds) was simply to add that we found out via social media, like Twitter and Facebook.

Below is the video & story.

  • Brandon Mc.

    Awesome. I thought maybe you’re 1.5 seconds was going to come on the “what’s hot” ad that ran before the news piece. 🙂

    I wonder if the students who didn’t get the news haven’t updated their emergency contact info on bearweb.