Reflections from College Hour 10.24.2010

Today somewhat marked the end of Homecoming week – a week that was simply INCREDIBLE for Baylor University. There was a special buzz on the campus this week despite the rain and two hour rain delay at the football game… This will be short, but here are some of my reflections from College Hour today:

-Seeing the faces of so many parents is affirming – one, the fact that students want to bring them to our church; two, the conversations I’m able to have with them and be encouraged by them… so good!
-We’ve got people wanting to be baptized – this is AWESOME! Be looking for a Sunday morning when we’ll dunk them.
-We’re in the middle of the B-B-Beatitudes (I made a Community reference and nobody got it, looks like I’m the dork).
-Everyone hungers and thirsts for something. Everyone has desires. There is by nature a built-in ambition in our lives. If you claim to have no ambition, you’re a liar. The question is whether you’re ambitions are godly.
-Godly ambition is to hunger and thirst for the right thing.
-“One way to clarify your spirituality, is to clarify your ambition.” Donald Whitney
-I can know the depth of your relationship with Jesus when you tell me what you’re passionate about.
-This beatitude is about what we care about. We should care about being righteous.
-Our part is to seek; His part is to satisfy.
-Jesus will tell the crowd that he’s just fed: “I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me shall not hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst” (John 6:35). I say this because when we hunger and thirst for Jesus and His righteousness, we’re satisfied beyond comparison and understanding…
-As Sören Kierkegaard once said, sin is “when we look to something or someone other than Jesus Christ to gain our primary significance and baseline security.”
-My God is near. My God is constant. He is Faithful. BELIVE IT!
-The band sounded A-W-E-S-O-M-E today. SO thankful for Greg Foster and his leadership this year.
-Ummm… on a personal note – did you see the dress on my daughter today? SHE LOOKED ADORABLE!!! Her Grandmama made – that’s right, MADE it.
-We also had a meeting with our leadership team. I LOVE these men and women. They are SO faithful to our ministry and our church and mostly to THE JESUS and His Gospel. I love them. I’ll post later this week the notes from my talk to them.

It’s going to be another full week – but God by His grace keeps pouring out mercy and love on us. I’m so thankful for the opportunities Abigail and I have been given to serve at First Woodway. God has been and IS faithful.