Change of Location can Bring Clarity

Today, I found myself in Fort Worth, TX for a meeting. Fort Worth isn’t that far from Waco where I live. It’s up the road a little over an hour. We lived here for a brief time (one month together) when we first were married… I have mostly positive memories.

After my meeting, I treated myself to a soda at Panera Bread. YES – there is a Panera in Waco and I visit it weekly. Yet – while they serve the same bread and cookies and drinks at each Panera – the store is a different layout. This store in Fort Worth off University Dr. is bigger and offers more real estate as far as places to sit and enjoy their free WiFi. I like it and would like to take it with me.

In the midst of sitting here, I realized how much I love my church, my job, my family (not in that order). A change of location can do that for us. I drove through the TCU campus and it’s drastically different than BU’s campus. If you’re curious, I’d rather be a bear than a frog any day. While driving, I recalled eating Fuzzy’s Tacos and even began to compare it to Viteks (although two different foods) remembering that the goodness of ole’ Fuzzy’s yet not much compares to the Gut-Pack (small, add sausage if you go there; plus they have DUBLIN DP!!).

Yet, while sitting here, I became overwhelmed with thankfulness for the opportunities God has granted me these past few years. I see the landscape of emerging leaders in our ministry and it excites me. I see my family and how we’re beginning to learn how to BE a family. I see my church and our ministry and know that we’re healthier NOW than when we first arrived and it has little to do with us and more to do with God and His grace. I thought about different leaders who’ve risen in our ministry and God’s grace in allowing them to be part of our church in our lives.

A change of location can bring clarity. It just does – so if you’re frustrated about your situation, maybe you need to get out of town. Maybe you should spend more time on your face in prayer than on Facebook. Maybe you should get alone and ask God to bring clarity… I believe He will. If anything, maybe you could have a fresh perspective on your work; on your family; on the cross.