You cannot be devoted to your children while having an affair

Several months ago, I read an article but didn’t know when it was appropriate to comment on it… two months later, I feel the freedom to speak to it.

News about Fantasia Barrino’s supposedly attempted suicide was shocking and saddening when it was first reported in August. You might remember Fantasia, she was faily successful in her run at American Idol.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but Fantasia fell in love with a married man, where later, court documents served indicated quite the list of accusations that I don’t really want to mention here on this blog. They were issued by Mrs. Cook, whom, I’m guessing, Fantasia thought was out of the picture… apparently she shouldn’t have assumed that. All that being said – I’m not a gossip blog and don’t want to be either – but I read this quote from the article and found it confusing:

“One of Mr. Cook’s most redeeming qualities was his complete devotion to his children. Fantasia fell in love with Mr. Cook and believed that he loved her.”

To give some context, Mr. Cook is the man Fantasia was having an affair with. He is married. He has children. Fantasia thought that a good reason to pursue or be pursued by Mr. Cook was that he was so devoted to his children. Confusing huh? May I just say this? You CANNOT be devoted to your children WHILE having an affair with another woman. The last thing your children need is to become confused and entangled in a mess of you pursuing your passions. The last thing YOU need is to involve yourself in an affair – ever.

I’m actually quite saddened by her attempt to take her life. I pray that she might find Christ and that only in Him might redemption and life be restored. I pray that we as parents, fathers and mothers would be devoted to our children in our actions but also in our minds and hearts.

If you’re married, love your spouse.
If you’re not married, love your future spouse.