Worship Songs I’m Enjoying

Occasionally I find music and I like it and I think you’d like it too – if you don’t well… okay. But here are some songs that have really aided my worship in my commute along with my times at home:

  • Our God – Chris Tomlin, Passion: Awakening
  • Constant – Charlie Hall, The Rising

What songs are you listening to?

  • Chris Gill

    I put that Charlie Hall CD in my car player right after Fall Retreat, and it’s still in there. I play that when I’m coming home from a basketball game.
    Charlie Hall + 2:00 AM + Nobody on the roads = Perfect end to the night
    But, here are the songs I’m currently listening to: Jesus Save by Jeremy Camp, Lift Up Your Face by Third Day, and a classic, Peace in the Valley by Elvis Presley.