Sunday Morning Reflections 9.12.10

Today was the conclusion of Parents Weekend. We encouraged parents of college students to come… and they did! It was so great to see that many adults come and worship with us this Sunday. I’m humbled and grateful that they came. Here are some of my reflections from this morning.

-I absolutely LOVE seeing parents worship with their children!
-I’m also super thankful for our volunteer base… they do SO MUCH!! You don’t even know!!!
-There is going to be a girl’s ‘Zumba’ night… I don’t really know what to say about that, other than AWESOME.
-I felt so encouraged by the parents of many of our students – their thankfulness and sense of support for us… It helps me see the full picture of what Abigail and I are doing here at First Woodway.
-How you live your life reveals what matters to you.
-The more I read Ps. 78, the more I love that passage!
-Reverse the verse (vs.8)
-Oh God let us be, a generation that seeks the face of God! It’s amazing that even THIS generation wants the same thing my generation wants.
-Someone thought I was 34… do I look 34?
-Elliot and the band sounded GREAT and I thought the song selection was perfect… thankful for their service to us.
-We have some great adult volunteers… one was asking when we were going to move to the gym!
-The Holy Spirit has been moving in our students and I know that He moves everywhere, but it’s just neat to see Him among us, and also for our students to see Him move in their lives too.
-I’m learning (and I think this will be constant) but my conversations with students matter… and this week, they were all over the map – but edifying.
-LOVE our media team! They work SO hard!!
-It’s an amazing gift to be supported by my Pastor, Mike Toby.
-Have a Stoplight party with the Bible this week… may it be green.

This year has really only begun, and Abigail and I were discussing it, but what happens in October is vital. So, we’re praying passionately that students would not become lax or lazy in their pursuit of Jesus Christ. I’m thankful for God’s grace in our lives and in our ministry… my hope though is that in all these things, we might find ourselves closer to Jesus than the day before.

love and live the gospel.

  • mom

    i love reading your reflections. You don’t look 34 but as we have always said you are more mature beyond your age…that is the reason for 34. You don’t act 29!
    You know you are where you are supposed to be! The Lord is richly blessing your ministry among those college kiddos. I am so glad there were so many parents there! Yea for the parents! It is great to know that they have a deep concern for their kiddos! Love you, Abby and ADELE!