No Reflections from this morning

Sorry for not posting any reflections from this morning. We’ve traveled 200+ miles today and were unable to post anything.

We DID however see Tom and Nona Mosley who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. (YES marriage at 12 was legal then, ha!). Abigail was invited to capture some moments with the entire family. We ate dinner with them and felt as if we were part of their family. They were ever TOO kind to us, and Abby used the word “relaxed” and “loved” to describe the evening. Mr. T & Nona are evidences of God’s grace on our lives – two people who have touched countless individuals of which we’re thankful to God to be some of them.

At any rate, we’re spending this labor day with my folks who have graciously allowed us to crash at their home. I was also informed that there’s a *number* of things I need to do tomorrow around the house… don’t tell the parents that I’m clueless and will probably cause more harm than good.