Sunday Morning Reflections 8.29.2010

This week was simply another greet morning in our ministry and at our church. More and more, Abigail and I are thankful to be in a church that empowers us and allows us to serve… it really is a joy. Here are some of my reflections from our time together this morning:

-We sang “Chosen Generation” to kick things off… and it is so powerful to think about the impact this group will make and is making.
-All things are secondary to a saving relationship in Jesus… yet when we understand this priority, the secondary things become redeemed.
-Did you see the art this Sunday??? Awesome.
-We are justified… I need to hear that over and over…
-We are being sanctified… God isn’t done with us yet!!
-Sin is like a sneeze… I’ll just leave it to that. 😉
-Being ‘elect’ is not a four letter word, it’s a five letter word! And it’s a wonderful description of us.
-When I’m sinned against, in my response, I’ll sin! Is this true for you? It sure is for me!!
-Satan will us the ‘Roman Road’ to accuse us, he’ll just leave out the rest of the verse…
-It’s God who justifies. Hello again!
-Religious people always think they can earn and even prove their justification to God. This is big… You can never be more justified before God than you are RIGHT NOW.
-What Christ is doing in you is still incomplete (sanctification). But what Jesus Christ has done for you there is not a single tiny crack that the satanic arrows can penetrate (justification).
-Do you like us singing more at the end of the talk? I tell you, I’m loving it!
-My sin o the bliss of this glorious thought!
My sin, not in part but the whole
Is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!
I’ve been thinking about this the entire afternoon. God’s grace has been strong in me with that verse of ‘It is Well’.
-We had a HUGE crowd AGAIN this week!! BUT, we still have more room! Bring a friend!
-Our leadership and volunteers are amazing. I mean that. They work so hard and do such a great job. I’m so humbled that they’re part of what God is doing at FWCM.

If you want to see what God did during our time together, head over to and you can see!!