Today marks our 5th year of marriage

Today marks my five year anniversary of marriage to Abigail. No, we cannot believe that we’ve been married that long. Yes, it does seem like yesterday that we were walking down the isle out the back doors, married.

Marriage truly has been a gift of grace from the Lord. Many deep-rooted sins have been exposed in my life these five years and Abigail has graciously forgiven me while also charging me to be (and become) a better husband (and now father). In all of this, her desire (and mine) has been to become more and more sanctified into the image of Jesus… and that is unfolding in both of us.

I’m deeply thankful for this woman.

I’m thankful that she is hospitable.
I’m thankful that she is industrious (as I write this she is/has sown like 8 things for Adele).
I’m thankful she isn’t a pushover, but will correct me we both know I’m wrong.
I’m thankful she loves me enough to encourage me to be more like Jesus.
I’m thankful she has been willing to step aside (full-time) from her (very) successful photograph business, simply to do the highest calling, raise Adele from home.
I’m thankful that she has incredible repore with those she encounters.
I’m thankful that she is my best friend.
I’m thankful for her songs that fill our home routinely.
I’m thankful she loves all things Apple Inc.
I’m thankful that at the end of the day as she and I sit in our bed, we both know that we love one another deeply… and yet, our love for one another is not greater than the love we receive from the Father as carried out by Jesus on the cross, and confirmed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

In all of this, I’m full… not of food, but of God’s grace on us. It’s curious to me that with the addition of Adele, my affection and love for Abigail has actually grown. In reality, it’s a great blessing since this was what I prayed for when we first found Abigail prego.

These past five years have been a great ride… looking forward to the next 60+ (Lord willing).

We’ve also changed a little bit since we were first married.

  • Meredith

    Love to you both! 🙂 Happy anniversary!

  • Matt

    Happy anniversary to you guys! Looking forward to seeing you soon, too.

  • Blake

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. Congrats to y’all.