Kevorkian’s single worst moment of his life

Not many men have been as polarizing as Dr. Jack Kevorkian. He is most famous for a number of things, namely his “right-to-die” activism, among other things. You can read all your fill on him HERE.

The problem with his point of view is that it’s quite off base… essentially he believes that your body is your own possession and you can do whatever you want to with it – even kill it off if you like. What is sad, is that we are not our own. We’ve been made for a purpose by God and for God… beyond that, we’re not made to be autonomous individuals but rather as image bearers of God (Gen. 1:26-27; 5:1-3; 9-6; 1 Cor. 11:7; James 3:9).

His motivation seems to actually be compassionate as he wants people to die without pain. He’s wanting others to avoid pain… but pain is inevitable in life. All of us feel it. All of us in life will have clouds of trials, pain, loss, hardship, hurts, tears that stream down our faces… everyone of us will face it. This is where it’s important to know Jesus. Because of Jesus, we learn that his purpose in life was to glorify God the Father… and this included in suffering and dying on the cross (John 12:23.27-28; 13:30-32; 17:1). My point is that there is joy not only in our success but also in our suffering. This is retold for us in the Bible in Hebrews 12:1-6. I think this is in the Scriptures so that we might find hope when things seem pretty bleak… and know that we can be like Jesus and pick up our cross and follow him as he commanded (Matt. 16:24).

In a recent interview by CNN and he had this to say about his life:

The single worst moment of my life… was the moment I was born. -Dr. Kevorkian (via)

May this not be how you and I see the end of our days, rather if you’re suffering, take courage and know that God is aware and calls us to rejoice not in the pain but rather in what it can accomplish for the gospel. May you and I know that you are loved deeply, and pursued relentlessly by our God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (Titus 3:1-7).